Word of mouth is a force of immense power, capable of gradually transforming an obscure secret into a viral meme. The

members of Plain Jane Automobile (PJA) , having steadily worked their way from “best kept secret” status to

international notoriety, know this well. And this trend is showing no signs of slowing down. After capturing the title of

“Best Unsigned Band” in the Southeast at the 2005 Discmakers Independent Music Showcase, PJA's premier single

“Close My Eyes” made waves in regular rotation on Orlando's OROCK 105.9 (WOCL). The quartet's compelling sound

echoes from pockets worldwide, as multiple PJA tunes now occupy millions of Nokia cell phones in various countries.

The band signed with the Agency of the Performing Arts in the summer of 2006, a development that resulted in a pair of

national tours with Ours as well as supporting slots with Jet, Blue October, Supergrass, Sterophonics, MuteMath, and

Plain White T's. Musically, their memorable melodies and driving rhythms have earned them comparisons to the likes of

Doves, Supergrass, and U2.

Through online networking, social media, and the help of their supportive fan base, Plain Jane raised over $12,000 to

fund their forthcoming album, Your Tomorrow, produced by Rick Beato (Shinedown, Needtobreathe).

"Around the time we started writing the album, I was spending a lot of time watching WWII films and found myself

inspired by these amazing stories of survival, rebirth, faith, healing, love, and loss", notes Duke Crider (vocals/guitar)

regarding the albums lyrical themes. "As I revisited the lyrics during the recording process, I noticed that a lot of the

songs were tied together. I guess I'm a little obsessed with that era because my grandfather was a Polish Jew

living in Germany at the time of all the madness."

The album's opener “You Were Only a Song” finds Crider brandishing the memory of a fallen friend as a sort of mantra,

a reminder of the world's beauty....snatched from the jaws of a painful and trying loss. Armed with this keepsake, the

band's front man confronts a myriad of challenges as the album progresses, including torturous nightmares, undue

criticism from a never-satisfied lover, as well as the general stresses of living in a time when the sky always seems to

be falling.

The title track offers a fervent plea to humanity's best to never stop surprising us. According to Crider, the song is based

on the story of the Bielski partisans. "They survived in the woods for over two years, rescuing over 1200 people in the

process and eventually restarting their lives in New York." The album's closer, the understated “Please Leave Quietly”,

represents a decision to face whatever future lies ahead with an attitude of love and forgiveness.

Your Tomorrow is slated for release on May 9th.