PJA Music Free for the World!

Well, we have finally decided the best way to spread our music is to give

it away for FREE! I know, I know, we should have done this a while ago.

We will continue to make and sell hard copies of future recordings,

but digital versions will be FREE. It is important that we tour and play

for all of our  lovely fans, and hopefully millions of new fans, and by 

giving away our music we hope to encourage you to share and share

and share our music with everyone! Post it anywhere you wish. Burn it,

copy it, cover it, sing it, mime it, shout it, any way you can. The more

its out there, the more people turn up to our shows on tour. The more

people, the bigger the tours. The bigger the tours, the more music we

can record and tour all over again. Its YOU the fans that keep us going.

We have NO record labels, NO wealthy investors. We do have YOU and

you have PJA. We are and always will be a band for the people. Thank

you all for all of your continued suppport. PJA is nothing without you.

Best wishes,